Why am I not an Atheist?


By Abu Hayyan Saeed


May be the title will astonished some people but this is a fact indeed when I read the books and articles of Atheists specially Ex-Muslim atheists like Ibn Warraq,Suleman Rushdie,Taslima Nasrin,Ayaan Hirsi Ali , Harris Sultan , Ali A. Rizvi etc ,as well as a very fresh Atheist whose  nickname is “Heraclitus Herac” , I think this guy is a fan of Ancient Greek Philosopher and Cosmologist of 500 ~600 BC ‘Heraclitus’.


I find that the central ideas of their writings are focused and based on fake and fabricated Historical tales and Narrations (called as Hadiths).


As well as, I found the writings of the father of Atheism related to Islam in British India William St Clair Tisdall were based on fake and fabricated tales taken from so-called History and Hadith books, who is the hero of Indian and Pakistani New Atheists.


First, I am discussing Ibn Warraq (b:1946). No one knows the actual name of this person because he uses his pen name. It is a name that has been adopted by dissident authors throughout the history of Islam the name refers to the 9th-century skeptical scholar Abu Isa al-Warraq.


Warraq adopted the pseudonym in 1995 when he completed his first book, entitled “Why I am not a Muslim. He is the author of several books, also including The Origins of the Koran (1998), The Quest for the Historical Muhammad (2000), What the Koran Really Says (2002) and Leaving Islam (2003).

Warraq's commentary on Islam has been criticized by academic specialists in Islamic history as polemical, overly revisionist and lacking in expertise but no one discusses the bases of Ibn Warraq’s humorous tales. Ibn Warraq is a fan and follower of William St.clair Tisdall’s thoughts .


Let us know who is William Tisdill and his tales?



The fairy tales of William.St.Clair Tisdall ,1859-1928.

William St. Clair Tisdall served as the Secretary of the Church of England's Church Missionary Society in Isfahan Persia (Now Iran) and British India.

Tisdall was fluent in several languages like Hindi (Urdu), Gujarati,Persian,Arabic and spent much time researching the sources of Islam and the Qur'an in the original languages.

The main notable works i.e writings and Lectures of Tisdall are

1.. The Sources of Islam: A Persian Treatise. 1900

2.. A Manual of the Leading Muhammadan Objections to Christianity.1904

3.. The Original Sources of Quran. 1905

4.. The Religion of the Crescent or Islam: Its Strength, Its Weakness, Its Origin, Its Influence, 1895 ~ 1906 (James Longs Lectures)

His work contains doubtful and fictitious narrations and based on Orally transmitted baseless historical stories by so-called pseudo-Muslim historians and transmitters. Like other Christian Orientalists, he proved himself as an orthodox Christian who hated Muslims, Quran, Prophet Muhammed PBUH. Christian societies considered his work a sacred mission and published them multiple times. As funds never be a problem for the west for their puppets either local or international.

Unfortunately, the Muslims read his literature and its translations without checking the historical stories and traditions, some Muslims read his books and their translations and accepted these fake, fabricated stories, Not only read but also recited without understanding their thousands years old hostility to Muslims.

Just one question for atheists...?

Who is the architect of the universe? Before I start this paragraph ,I gave some jokes of mine to  Atheists !

"Suddenly there was a big explosion, many sheets of steel, fiber, aluminum came flying, then automatically connected together, then two engines came flying and fit into the bottom. Tyres came and fitted into the structure, then hundreds of the best comfortable seats came flying in and fitted into the structure, then the structure was best painted, .. thus an airplane was made, .. then the passengers boarded the plane, then the self made airplane started flying automatically .. "


Is it possible?

“There was an explosion, the wheat seeds spread over the already prepared field. Then the plants came out, then the wheat crop was ready, it was harvested by itself, then the wheat was cleaned and filled into sacks, then the wheat sacks were trucked by themselves. I was loaded, then the truck moved by itself and the sacks of wheat were unloaded in the market, then it reached people's houses, there the wheat was crushed by itself and became flour, then bread was prepared from the flour. And the mouths of the people started to become mouth watering.Similarly the curry was also prepared. Vegetables flew from the field and reached the pot, then spices, ghee, salt were added to it and the curry was prepared. Before that, a cow was slaughtered by itself and entered into the pot in beef pieces.”

Is this possible?

Look at the Circulatory system, Liver, Kidneys, Pancreas, Excretory System, Gastrointestinal system etc are the masterpiece of engineering in the human body, this unique specimen of science, this wonderful factory in the small stomach, did they all become an automatic regimen?

Who made the brain? Encased in a hard shell, floating in water, it is a treasure of intelligence, a store of information, a center of commands, a source of communication between man and his environment, a computer made by man.

No one still doesn't understand its design. It has been found that, despite millions of efforts, no supercomputer built by human hands and minds can reach its tenths. Who is the creator of this Brain? Who will create intellect in the human brain?

Every human being is a collection of cells. So small they don't come without the aid of a microscope, but they all know what to do. Every cell of a human being has consciousness and is a complete personality in its own existence.

Our entire programming is written in these genes and life moves automatically according to this program. The whole plan of our life, our personality, our intelligence, our purpose, everything has already been written on these cells.



Whose programming is this?

Inside the seeds of plants is their entire blueprint, whose blueprint, is it?

A cell, which is difficult to see even with a microscope, becomes a strong, intelligent and intelligent human being. Whose creation is this?

Are these systems the side effects of a huge explosion, Big Bang ?

The moon is three hundred and seventy thousand miles away from the islands, twice a day, the moon stirs trillions- trillion of tons of ocean water to provide the right amount of air for the creatures that inhabit them.

Oxygen is being administered; the water is becoming clearer. Unpleasant smell is not born in this. The coastal areas are being cleaned and the wastes are washed into the deep water and become food for the creatures living there.

No, but sea water is consumed in a certain amount. For at least three billion years, a suitable balance has been maintained so that large and small aquatic animals can easily swim in it and dispose of their bodies after death. They do not have freshwater or brackish water.

There are also many. There are also freshwater oceans below the surface that are mixed with open freshwater oceans. Between them all there is a curtain so that fresh water remains sweet and salt water remains saltish.

What is the logic behind this surprising system? Who maintains this balance?

Was it the Ocean's own thought or the moon's decision?

There are too many examples I have but I described only a few.



All Orientalists and Atheists have nothing to object to Islam, the Qur'an, the Holy Prophet except the fake, fabricated and baseless traditions, tales and stories (Rawayat) narrated by the so-called Muslim storyteller like historians and hadith collectors. Majority of those storytellers and Hadith collectors are Magians, Persians, Khurasanis etc.

That’s why a person has some intellect, how he/she believes in these fake and fabricated baseless stories which were narrated by the blue-eyed darlings of Orientalists and Atheists around the globe.



1.. William St.Clair Tisdall , A Manual of the Leading Muhammadan Objections to Christianity, London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1904.


2.. William St.Clair Tisdall , The Original Sources of the Qu'ran: Its Origin In Pagan Legends and Mythology, London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1905.


3.. William St.Clair Tisdall , The Religion of the Crescent or Islam: Its Strength, Its Weakness, Its Origin, Its Influence, 1895 ~ 1906 ( James Longs Lectures)


4.. Ibn Warraq , Why I am not a Muslim, 1995 , Re-Published by Prometheus Books in 2010.


5.. Ibn Warraq , The Origins of Koran , Classic essays on Islam’s Holy Book, 1998 , the University of Michigan , Re-Published by Prometheus Books in 2010.



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