No one will tell you that self-defense is a crime but when you're a Muslim and defending yourself from your enemies, it's not more self-defense but now terrorism; that's how the media portrays Islam to the world. 

When prophet Muhammad pbuh started his mission of monotheism, the Makkah polytheists made severally attempt to assassinate him upto the point he had to run to Madinah. Before his migration to Madinah, he had sent some of his companions twice to Abyssinia to seek refuge from Quraysh who had been enslaving, attacking and torturing them until it became unbearable, the Prophet Muhammad pbuh went to Ta'if and was stoned, chased out and then afterwards, Allah commanded him to migrate to Madinah and he first started by sending his companions in secret for the Quraysh not to know and kill them until he finally left for Madinah as well. 

The night following the day he migrated to Madinah, the people of Makkah sent young men to guide his house so that by dawn when he comes out, they should kill him. Allah saved him. On his way to Madinah, he was still being followed by his enemies to kill him and again Allah saved him from them! 

There in Madinah, it didn't stop as they were trying to assassinate him, then only then He was ordered to fight back. How's self-defense a crime? Don't be fooled by the media. 

❓Where was the sword when his companions migrated to Abyssinia? Where was it when the pagans of Makkah followed him to kill him that he had to ran to Madinah for safety? 

👉 "Who started the first world war? Not Muslims!!

👉 Who started the second world war? Not Muslims!! 

👉 Wh0 killed 6 milli0n Jews in the H0locaust is Hitler,  Not Muslims. 

👉 Wh0 killed ab0ut 20 millions of Ab0rigines in Australia? Not Muslims!! 

👉 Wh0 sent the nuclear b0mbs of Hir0shima and Nagasaki in Japan is Am*rica, Not Muslims!!

👉 Wh0 killed m0re than 100 milli0ns of Indians in N0rth America? Not Muslims!!

👉 Wh0 killed m0re than 50 milli0ns of Indians in s0uth Americâ? Not Muslims!!

👉 Wh0 t00k about 180 milli0ns of Africân people as slaves and 88% of them died and were thr0wn overb0ard into Atlantic 0cean? Not Muslims!! 

👉 First of all, You will have to define terrorism properly. 

If a non-Muslim does something bad, It is crime. But if a Muslim commits less than that, He is a Terrorist. So first remove this double standards. Then come to the point. I am proud to be a MUSLIM !!


The origin of Terrorism 

Biblical God orders killing of entire city Deuteronomy 20:16-17. Biblical God orders killing of children and women, Ezekiel 9:5-6

Biblical God orders killing children, women, animals, etc. 1Samuel 15:2-3. kill those who don't worship the biblical God. Exodus 22:20. Again kill those who do not worship biblical God. 2Chronicles 15:13.

Destroy an entire town that refused to worship biblical God. Deuteronomy13:13_15

Kill your family if they worship another God apart from biblical God. Deuteronomy 13:6-10. Kill the unbelievers and hung their heads in the sun. Numbers 25:4

Kill your neighbours who are unbelievers. Exodus 32:25-28.Up to 3,000 neighbors were killed that day. Kill witches and wizards. Exodus 22:18

Stone wizards and witches. Leviticus 20:27. Kill those who blaspheme. Leviticus 24:10-15

Biblical God orders killing babies and rapping their mothers Isaiah 13:16. Biblical God kills someone for not committing murder 1King 20:35-36.

Biblical God kills 42 innocent kids just for mocking prophets Elijah, by calling him bald head 2Kings 2:23-24. Biblical God orders: Kill women who are not Virgins and keep those who are Virgins for yourselves. Numbers 31:17

Biblical God orders stoning to death women who are not Virgins. Deuteronomy 22:20-21

JESUS 👉orders👈his enemies to be 👉kILLED👈 in front of him. Luke 19:27

Jesus orders his deciples to sell their clothings and buy SWORDS with the money for war. Luke 22:35-36

Jesus says he did not come for peace but for SWORD to be raised. Matthew 10:34-35

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