10 Similarities between Islam and Judaism

Some of the core practices of Islam and Judaism are surprisingly often very similar. Here are 10 similarities between Islam and Judaism.

10. Abraham is a very important figure in both religions. Both religions are known as Abrahamic religions. Muslims descended from Abraham and his son Ishmael. Jews came from Abraham and Isaac.

9. Both religions are monotheistic. Both religions share the belief in the oneness of God.

8. Both religions reject the Christian view of Jesus, that he is the son of God. Christianity maintains that Jesus is, in some sense a divine incarnation of God. Judaism and Islam both reject this.

7. Both religions share a common belief in the resurrection and Judgment Day. There are differences in the understanding and specific sequence of this day but both know it will happen.

6. Both Jews and Muslims believe in angels. Judaism and Islam both teach of heavenly beings usually referred to as angels. Both religions warn against worshipping angels.

5. Islam and Judaism both teach that God communicates directly to humans through prophets. In Judaism, it is Moses who is seen as the main prophet because God revealed the Torah to him. Muhammad (PBUH) is the main prophet in Islam because the Quran was revealed to him.

4. Both religions have similar diet rules. Pork is not eaten by both religions. Jews eat kosher food and Muslims eat halal food.

3. Prayer is very important in both religions and both Muslims and Jews have to pray a set number of times each day. Muslims pray 5 times a day and Jews pray 3 times a day.

2. Jerusalem is seen as holy city for both religions.

1. Peace is the number one similarity and a central concept in both religions. Both religions have a similar greeting, which means peace be upon you.

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