Islam American Religions Professor Jared Mattson

  Canadian-American professor of religions at Hartford College in Connecticut, USA. She was born on August 24, 1963. She was a Catholic Christian. She wondered why Muslims refrain from embodying God Almighty in painted images or tangible statues, as is the case in Christianity.  .

 So it was said to her: God in Islam “There is nothing like Him”. “He did not give birth, nor was He born... and there is no one equal to Him”... He is the One who created all creation... and is above all His creatures.

 Islam came in the first place to move people from worshiping idols, images, and statues to worshiping God alone.

 Here she realized the meaning of monotheism...and began reading and researching Islam...and decided to read the Holy Qur’an to understand the message from its source...

 After deep research, I believed that Islam is true and that its message is the truest.

 His teachings are the most worthy of being followed.

 She also believed that Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him, was not a son of God, but rather a messenger from God. Then she pronounced the two testimonies of faith and declared her conversion to Islam in 1987.

 She began seeking Islamic knowledge to defend her new faith... until she obtained a doctorate in Islamic studies.

 She created the first Islamic religious program in the United States of America to correct people about the concept of Islam, its truth, and its teachings.

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