Many people are surprised to learn that Muslims believe in Jesus peace be upon him. One who reads the Quran will quickly realize that it does not only speak of who Jesus was, it also teaches who he wasn’t.

🛑 1. Jesus, peace be upon him, is one of the greatest Prophets and Messengers in Islam.

Muslims believe in Jesus, peace be upon him, not as the son of God, but as one of God’s greatest Prophets and Messengers. He is part of a chain of Prophets such as Abraham, Noah, David, Moses, and Muhammad peace be upon them all.

🛑2. Jesus was born miraculously without a father

In Chapter 19 of the Quran, it recalls the birth of Jesus, peace be upon him. He was born to the Virgin Mary without a father. His miraculous birth was not a sign of his divinity, but evidence of his unique status as one of God’s greatest Prophets. The Quran compares the birth of Jesus to the Creation of Adam. In God’s eyes, Jesus is just like Adam: He created him from dust, said to him, ‘Be’, and he was (3:59). Adam was created with no parents but remains a Prophet. Similarly, for Muslims, Jesus’ birth without a father is not an indication of his divinity.

🛑3. He spoke in the cradle

When Jesus, peace be upon him, was born, the people at the time accused his mother Mary of committing fornication. In order to save her from such an accusation, the Quran explains in several places that Jesus spoke in the cradle. She pointed at him. They said, ‘How can we speak with an infant?’ He said: “I am indeed a servant of Allah: He has given me revelation and made me a Prophet (19: 30-31).

🛑4. There is an entire chapter in the Quran named after Mary

Mary (Maryam in Arabic) is the only woman mentioned in the Quran by name. Not only that, but she is the only woman who has an entire chapter named after her. Her story is mentioned throughout the Quran, but chapter 19 highlights her giving birth miraculously to Jesus, peace be upon him. The Quran refers to Jesus as the son of Mary as a way of honoring her.

🛑5. Jesus performed miracles

The Quran, similar to the New Testament, highlights the many miracles Jesus, peace be upon him, performed with God's permission. For example, he created birds from clay and blew in them to give them life, he healed the sick, blind, and was able to revive the dead. However, all of these miracles were given to him as a sign of Prophethood. Miracles were meant to convince those who were doubtful about Jesus being God’s Messenger, they were not a sign of divinity. Otherwise, all Prophets who performed miracles would also be divine.

🛑6. Believing in Jesus, peace be upon him, is a requirement to being a Muslim

To be a Muslim, one must believe in all Prophets and Messengers. Denying or rejecting any of those Prophets is a denial of all of them. Therefore, rejecting the Prophethood of Jesus, peace be upon him, results in one no longer being a Muslim. It is a requirement of the Islamic faith.

🛑7. Jesus foretold the coming of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them both

The Quran highlights that Jesus foretold the coming of Muhammad: “And remember Jesus, the son of Mary, said: O children of Israel! I am the Apostle of God sent to you confirming the Torah, which came before me, and giving Glad Tidings of an Apostle to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad. But when he came to them with Clear Signs, they said: this is evident sorcery.” (61:6) The name Ahmad and Mohammed come from the same Arabic root and in essence are the same name. 

🛑8. Jesus was not killed or crucified

The Quran explains that Jesus, peace be upon him, did not die. It speaks of some people in his time who claimed to have killed him, but God denies this claim and explains that it was only made to appear as though they crucified him. And for their saying, “We have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the Messenger of God.” In fact, they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but it appeared to them as if they did. Indeed, those who differ about him are in doubt about it.

They have no knowledge of it, except the following of assumptions. Certainly, they did not kill him. Rather, God raised him up to Himself. God is Mighty and Wise (4: 157-158)

🛑9. Jesus will return to the earth before the day of judgment

In continuation with the verses about Jesus’ alleged crucifixion, the Quran explains that he will return. There is none from the People of the Scripture but will believe in him before his/her own death, and on the Day of Resurrection he will be a witness against them (4: 159). In several narrations, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him explained that Jesus will return to earth and establish justice. His return to earth is considered one of the major signs of the day of judgment.

🛑10. God revealed a book called the Injeel to Jesus, peace be upon him

Muslims believe that God revealed scripture to Jesus, peace be upon him, called the Injeel or the Gospel. This book confirmed what was revealed to Moses in the Torah. This scripture has not been preserved in its entirety. Therefore, God revealed the Quran as His final message to mankind. All three of these scriptures, the Torah, Injeel, and Quran, call to the worship of only one God.

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