🌀[ *Your dictionary to understand a Muslim  and to sound like Muslims* 🌀

🎁When you love someone ,you will find yourself keep mentioning him every now and then.That's why you find Muslims use many words mentioning Allah in all situations.

🎉Let's see some of them.They're so easy🤩

3⃣ *When you start to do something* 🥇:

 ✅Bismill Allah.

👉🏻Meaning: In the name of Allah


4⃣ *When intending to do something* 💡:

 ✅Inshaa' Allah

👉🏻Meaning: If Allah wills


5⃣ *When taking an oath* ✋🏻: 

✅W Allah i.

👉🏻Meaning: Swearing by Allah


6⃣ *When you see something is amazing* 🤩:

 ✅Subhanal Allah.

👉🏻Meaning: Glory be to Allah.


7⃣ *When one is frightened* 🙀 :

✅La ilaha illa Allah.

👉🏻There is no god worthy of worshiping except Allah.

8⃣ *When suddenly pain is felt.* 😖 :

✅bismill Allah.

👉🏻Meaning:In the name of Allah


9⃣ *When expressing appreciation or you fear to envy someone* : 

✅Mashaa' Allah.

👉🏻Meaning: That is which Allah wills


🔟 *When thanking someone* 👏🏻: 

✅Jazak Allah u khayran.

👉🏻Meaning: May Allah reward you with goodness.




🌀[ *Your dictionary to understand a Muslim 😎 and to sound like Muslims* 😉 ]🌀 

1⃣ *When awakening from sleep* 🤠: 

✅Al hamdulill Allah il ladhi ahyana ba adama amatana wa ilayhin noshour. 

👉🏻Meaning:"Praise is to Allah Who has given us life after taking it from us (sleep is a form of death), and unto Him is the Resurrection". 

 2⃣ *When one sneezing* 🤧:

✅Alhamdulill Allah. 

👉🏻Meaning: All praise be to Allah.


🔺And let the one replying to him 🤗: 


👉🏻Meaning: May Allah bestow His mercy on you 


🔺And let him say to him:

✅'Yahdikumull Allah u Wa Yuslihu Balakum 

👉🏻Meaning: May Allah guide you and amend all your affairs) 


3️⃣ *When repenting from a sin* 🥺 :

✅ Astagh-firull Allah 

👉🏻Meaning: May Allah forgive me. 💎

4️⃣*When having love for someone* 🥰: 

✅Ohibboka fil Allah 

👉🏻 Meaning: I love you for the sake of Allah 

⚠️[said from one's gender of course ] 


5️⃣ *When a problem appears* 😟:

✅Hasbiyya Allah u wa ni mal wakil.

👉🏻Allah only suffices me. [Allah is sufficient for me and the best of those on whom to depend.] 


6️⃣ *When something bad occurs* 😤: 

✅A'udhu-Bill Allah 

👉🏻Meaning: I seek refuge in Allah 



7️⃣ *When something good appears* 🥳: 

✅Tabarakal Allah 

👉🏻Meaning: Blessed is Allah 


✅Masha Allah 

👉🏻 Meaning: what Allah has willed (has happened/occurred)" 

8️⃣ *When participating in prayer* 🤲🏼: 


👉🏻Meaning: May Allah answer 


9️⃣ *When parting from someone/ setting off for a trip* ✋🏻:

🔺Supplication of the traveller for the one who is staying home 👇 

✅ Astawdi‘ukal Allah ul alladhi laa tadee‘u wadaa’i‘uhu 

👉🏻Meaning: I leave you in the care of Allah, in Whose care nothing is lost 


🔺Supplication that one who is staying home should offer for the one who is travelling👇 

✅ “Astawdi‘ Ul Allah a deenaka wa amaanataka wa khawaateema a malika 

👉🏻Meaning: I leave your religious commitment in the care of Allah, as well as what you leave behind [of family and wealth], and the last of your deeds. 

🔟 *When Death message is received* 😢: 

✅Inna-Lill Allah-i-Wa-Inna-ilayhi-Raji un. 

👉🏻Meaning: To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.


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