(Q) Non-Muslim: Why does Islam call Christians?

(A) The Muslim: The belief that Christ is God's son and one of His hypostases is an apparent contradiction and is utterly incompatible with the Islamic doctrine. Islam calls for belief in one God's existence, His beautiful attributes, and holy purity from any attribute unworthy of Him. We will briefly explain this through many questions as follows:

1. Is human nature compatible with animal nature?! Does it make sense to accept the mating of a human being with a cow or other animals to give birth to what is half a human being and the other half a cow (or other animals), and then the animal nature is one of the natures and images of man?! Can a reasonable person accept such a thing?!

Of course, no, this is considered a moral degradation and an underestimation of the human beings honored by the Creator God because humans are more honorable and higher than animals; however, they are all God's creatures.

If this is the case for human and animal nature, what if it is about Almighty God who creates humans, animals, and all creatures!

Why choose Islam as a religion?

2. Can the lowest contain the highest? Can a tiny cup hold the water of seas, oceans, and rivers?! Of course, no, and if so, can the womb of the created Virgin Mary contain the creation of Almighty God?! Absolutely, nope.

3. What about the major sins people commit after Christ (peace be upon him)? Do humans need Christ to be crucified, humiliated, and killed again to atone for those sins? Or should God have other sons and children in addition to Christ to play the role of redemption?

4. If forgiveness for Adam's disobedience (when he ate from the forbidden tree) did not require crucifixion and murder, then why should they be for who they claim to be God's son and not for sinners?

5. Why did God need to take a son to be crucified and die as an atonement for mankind's sins? Couldn't He expiate their sins without the need for such illusions and suspicions that do not enrich anything from the truth?!

6. Is it conceivable that Adam's sons should bear sins that have nothing to do with them because their father, Adam, ate from the forbidden tree? Certainly, no. Is this from the wisdom and justice of God, who we should glorify and purify from what does not befit Him? Of course, it is not.

7. If Christians believe in Christ as a god or his son (regardless of their differences) because he was born without a father, what will they say about Adam (peace be upon him), who had no father or mother? Should they attribute divinity or part of it to him or claim that he is a god or his son too? Of course, no.

Why choose Islam as a religion?

8. If they believe in Christ's divinity because some miracles appeared at his hands because of God's support for his prophethood, what should they say about Muhammad (peace be upon him) when God performed on his hands the miracle of the splitting of the moon and others?! And in Moses' hand, peace be upon him; God performed the miracle of the separation of the sea and others?! Also, other prophets and messengers came with many miracles from God to support them in the truth of their prophecies and messages. Should these miracles lead us to believe in their divinity?! Of course, we shouldn't.

God sent prophets and messengers to guide people to Him and tell them His great qualities, actions, the perfection of His wisdom, the comprehensiveness of His knowledge, the limitlessness of His power, His commands, and prohibitions. Allah wants people to live on the earth according to His will, worship, and comply with Him. He supported His prophets and messengers with miracles and supernatural to be a witness for them on the truth of their prophecies and messages, not to be a reason for people to worship them like God.

 We note that: there have been many fairy tales for thousands of years from which the doctrine of the Trinity was taken, such as the story of Osiris in Egypt (BC), the story of Baal in Babylon (BC), and the story of Krishna in India (BC) and so on.

- The story of Horus (the sun god incarnated as a human being) among the ancient Egyptians states the belief in the birth of the God's son (Horus) as a result of the marriage of the father god (Osiris) to the mother (Isis) is the same as Christ's story among Christians today. The difference is in time and the names of people.

Why choose Islam as a religion?

Whoever thinks will notice that the ancient pagan feast [the Day of the Sun] has been made a festival for Christians [Sun day].

 The deplorable question here is: Since both stories are identical in the origin of belief (where the divine incarnation is in human form), which of the two gods is more worthy of worship?! Horus, as the ancient Egyptians believed (as his story is much older and earlier than the story of Christ), or the Messiah whose divinity is claimed by Christians?!

Hence, it turns out that the alleged story of Christ today is nothing but a transfer and copying of the corrupt beliefs and false claims of previous nations.

 Important logical clarification:

- The nature of Christ, whom Christians claim to be God's son, is either mortal or immortal:

1. If his nature is mortal, then he is not a god, and therefore the claim that he is a god and a redeemer at the same time is invalid.

2. If he is immortal because he is a god, he would not die. Therefore, there was no redemption or any of these illusions.

Hence, Islam claims that Allah SWT is the only (indivisible) God who did not beget and was not born. Also, there is no one similar to him.

- Please refer to the book A Quiet Dialogue Between Christians and Muslims. (Translated into English)

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