The Atheists Delusions

I want an answer to why, not how!

“The ocean of ignorance cannot be crossed 

by the stone of argument.”

I would be very surprised if this topic does not bother you. If you have been saved from going mad by reading the thoughts of psychological atheists like Richard Dawkins and your senses are under control, then there is a hope that God is kind to you, Otherwise, his crazy group of four would not have made you mad and made you wander like “Sarmad” in the wilderness.

Dawkins tried to toss out the "nullification/ Cancelation" verse in the Quran several times but this poor person does not know that the matter of "nullification/ Cancelation" in the Quran is about the verses of the Torah. People told Dawkins a lot that he should not drink Rare and rare Vodka made from monkey’s urine and potatoes, but Dawkins did not believe that, this Rare Vodka made from monkey’s urine and potatoes goes to the brain very quickly and it gives rise to many delusions.

Dawkins was asked several times the questions of why the children of the same parents are different and why does the vine that grows from a melon seed have a different taste and smell from the dozens of melons that grow on this vine? But he never replied.

Sometimes i describe an idiomatic story about Atheism, I want to share this very much amazing story for you,

A young student who was freshly influenced by philosophy and atheism also possessed by the ghost of rationality (be an atheist and don't confuse philosophy and don't want the answer to everything from reason, it just can't be) asked his teacher, "Teacher, God is in our intellect, Never come".

The teacher thought for a while and took his atheist less philosophical rationalist student to the seashore, the teacher had a stick in one hand and a bucket in the other hand. Monsoon was at its peak. The angry waves of the sea were raging to swallow everything on the shore, the teacher took his student and started moving towards the angry waves of the sea, the teacher also had a bucket in his hand.

On reaching the hounding waves, the teacher told his student “Bring all the water of this sea in this bucket”, At first, the student doubted his hearing and asked the teacher, "What should I do with the bucket? The teacher said, "Bring all the water of the sea in this bucket." 

The student began to doubt his teacher's mental state and said, "Master, how can all the water of such a vast ocean come in this small bucket? 

The teacher started going back to the beach with his student. After reaching the beach, the teacher kept the bucket aside and took the stick and fell on the student and hugged the student with all his heart to crack down, the student started screaming in pain. After beating his student brutally the teacher said, " 

Now I answer your question, Just as the whole ocean cannot fit in this small bucket, how can God come to your intellect? The example of your intellect is like this bucket, limited and only limited... And how can the great creator of the sea be contained in it?" 

How can the infinite concept of the creator of this sea come fully into your very limited bucket-like intellect! And on the day, you fill the entire ocean in this bucket, that day God will also come to your understanding.”

Teacher also said “keep trying".

A few days later, the same student asked the teacher, teacher, you could have explained this to me comfortably, what was the need for so much beating? The teacher smiled and said, there are two reasons for this, the first reason is that God is remembered in pain and suffering, when I was beating you, you were shouting so many times “ Oh God save me “ and the second reason is that there is a saying that has been around for hundreds of years

 “Ghost of the kicks, don't listen to the talks” 

In 2019, I want to talk to a Christian Irish professor of Divinity about the Bible. He asked me about my introduction and then said, "Do you believe in the Bible?" My answer was, "I don't believe in the Bible." He smiled and said, "When you don't believe in the Bible, why do you need to question the Bible?"

The Irish professor described a fact in a single sentence, "That which no one believes in and openly declares that he does not believe, so it is not necessary to ask this person questions about this thing. Take this as an example if a lawyer declares in front of a judge in a British Court that, I do not believe in the English Law. 

Then the judge will give a clear answer that Mr. Lawyer, if you do not believe in the English Law, then you have come to lay eggs in my court? Likewise when Atheists don't believe in God, why are they questioning the existence of God?

When the atheists openly deny God, do they have any psychological problem that they keep giving arguments on the existence or non-existence of God? Why are atheists skeptical?

One of my questions today is why dozens of different generations of human beings came into being through the evolutionary system. One type of race was enough. Africans, Arabs, white people, Chinese, Asians, Eurasians, there was no need for so many people. One race is enough. Then why were so many races developed?

Look at the Cat’s family, known as The Felidae family have been split into three genera:

●    Panthera (cats that roar – lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, clouded leopards and jaguars)

●    Acinonyx (the Cheetah)

●    Felis (all other 'small' cats)

My Question is why there are so many genera of Cat’s family, and what is the need of this huge genera of Cat's family ?

It is to inform you that I am very fond of Nature, I enjoyed hundreds of Documentaries and Movies about Nature. Planet of the Apes , the Blockbuster Movie directed by Franklin James Schaffne ,this first Movie released in 1968 in the USA and in 1971 worldwide , this movie followed by many sequels ,the movie Planet of the Apes is a 1968 American science fiction film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner and  produced by  Arthur P. Jacobs from a screenplay by Michael Wilson and Rod Serling, loosely based on the 1963 novel by Pierre Boulle. 

The film stars Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter, Maurice Evans, James Whitmore, James Daly, and Linda Harrison. In the film, an astronaut crew crash-lands on a strange planet in the distant future.

Although the planet appears desolate at first, the surviving crew members stumble upon a society in which apes have evolved into creatures with human-like intelligence and speech.

The writer of “ Planet of the Apes” , Pierre Boulle, a French writer Born 1912, in Avignon, France, Pierre Boulle was baptized and raised as a Catholic, although later in life he became an agnostic was admirer of Darwin’s theory of Evolution, he was known of his notable novels “ 

The Bridge over the River Kwai” and “Planet of the Apes”. His science-fiction novel Planet of the Apes, in which intelligent apes gain mastery over humans, developed into a media franchise spanning over 55 years that includes nine films, two television series, comic books and popular themed merchandise.

The original film series had four sequels:

1.. Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)

2.. Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)

3.. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)

4.. Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)

As well as followed by Television Series

1.. Planet of the Apes (1974)

2.. Return to the Planet of the Apes (animated) (1975)

Remake: Planet of the Apes (2001): A re-imagining of the original film.

There are many Reboot Series of this Movie like,

1.. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011): A series reboot, was released on August 5, 2011, to critical and commercial success. It is the first installment in the new series of films.

2.. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014): The second entry in the Planet of the Apes reboot series, was released on July 11, 2014.

3.. War for the Planet of the Apes (2017): The third film in the reboot series.

4.. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (2024): The fourth entry in the Planet of the Apes reboot series. It was released on May 10, 2024 in USA (Today ,May 16th  i am still awaiting the release of  this on YouTube ,Netflix or amazon  )

You will surely be surprised why I am discussing the Apes Movies in detail but it was considered necessary so that you get an idea of how Darwin's theory was fantasized that Darwin's ancestors would be smarter than humans in the future.. Anyway, these movies are a must watch..

My question is who is the creator of all these monkey species ? And why did so many monkey species need for ?

I want an answer to why, not how ! Simple..

My question in 2016 to Richard Dawkins was this,

The monkey must have done many good deeds, then he became a human being in return for his good deeds, but what sin did the donkey commit that is still a donkey?

My last words 

 “I hope and pray to God that Richard Dawkins meets his ancestors, somewhere on Planet of the Apes.”

Atheists Claimed that,

I don’t believe anything, which I can't see.

Who saw Gravity

Who saw Electricity

Who saw Molecules

Who saw Air

Who saw Internet Signals

Who saw Satellite Signal

Who saw Sound Waves

Who saw Atom 

Who saw Photons

Allah Knows Best.


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