Can you answer these questions?

1- Adam erred, so if humans grant the sinner a chance for repentance, and the one who fails in the test is given a chance to succeed, and God is more merciful to His creation, so what prevents God from forgiving Adam's sin and overlooking it after his remorse and repentance? And if atonement for the error is necessary, wasn't there a suitable way for forgiveness and atonement?

2- If God did not forgive Adam, what is the fault of Adam's children to bear the burden and error of their father? Why do we bear sins we did not commit? Why wasn't Adam crucified instead of Jesus?

3- Logically, if error requires atonement, why was the application of atonement for sin delayed from Adam's time until Jesus' time?

4- Was the idea of crucifixion planned beforehand? Or was it a newly devised plan?

5- It's astonishing, how can one accept this God who loves sinners and murderers and criminals sacrificing the innocent for the expiation of their sins? What if the murderers are criminals? And the innocent is His only son (Glory be to God that He should have a son)?

6- Is eating the apple a greater sin than crucifying an innocent person in a bloody manner? If eating the apple is the greater sin, is this justice or injustice? And if crucifixion is the greater sin, doesn't the crucifixion of Christ require a new redemption and atonement for the greatest sin?

7- For human rights and humanity, wasn't there a gentler and fairer way than this monstrous crime?

8- For questioning, if Christ's descent was to redeem sin, was he averse to crucifixion or welcoming it?

9- And here's the backbreaker, after the crucifixion of Christ, is that process considered a crime or a commendable and praiseworthy act?

10- If it's an ugly act! What is the fault of those who killed him when they caused the salvation of humanity from sin?

11- And if their act is righteous, how did Jesus come forth for redemption reluctantly, calling upon the Lord to save him, and he was not answered except after it was too late?

12- In other words: Is the one who killed Christ and crucified him in heaven or in hell?

13- In short: Why is peaceful Hanafi killed for the forgiveness of the criminal Shalabi's sin?

14- Then how can the crucified and the cross be honor and pride while the text abhors it: "Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree"?

15- The big question: If Christ is the Lord, why does he need to be crucified, humiliated, slapped, and spat on in order to forgive his servants and atone for their sins?

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