Some atheists repeat a claim that has no supporting evidence. In fact, all evidence contradicts it. They say that the accurate laws that operate in nature make it unnecessary to assume that it was created. The universe originated itself according to these laws of nature.

This claim is deceptive and overlooks a very important truth, which is that the laws of nature describe and explain but do not create or originate anything. Take for example business transactions.

They have accounting rules. Does anyone suggest that these rules can create a shop or a store? By the same token: can the laws of mechanics manufacture a car?

Is it not true that the manufacture of a car requires workers who implement these laws?

Does a law like the law of gravity originate something, or explain a fact? That a law explains a particular phenomenon does not remove the fact that there is a cause which originates that phenomenon.

Our knowledge of the laws by which an aeroplane can fly and land does not mean that no one makes the aeroplane.

Moreover, this claim by atheists ignores an essential and reasonable question, namely: Who set these laws? Who made the universe operate according to them?


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