We have to declare that Taliban or any other Islamic party, only speaks for themselves.

They do not represent  Islam.. Islam is a grand religion that must be followed from the teachings of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him alone .

It is so wrong to make judgments on the internal affairs of a country according to the media.. especially that it’s not even its official media sources, rather, their enemies .

So,  it’s unfair to make assumptions that haven’t happened or make judgments based on our own thoughts .

Islam,  however, is crystal clear, and its teachings are well established. So let's clarify the answer to the set forth  question from an Islamic perspective. 

First: We should know the wisdom behind Hijab and how it helps promote the stability of the community and decrease the crime rates. 

Hijab was not made to compel women or oppress their rights or freedom, let's see the real image here

Western media often portray the Hijab as a symbol of oppression and slavery of women.

Hijab is not a symbol of oppression. Women are oppressed because of socio-economic reasons even in countries where women have never heard about Hijab.

On the contrary, the practice of displaying pictures of almost naked women in the commercials, billboards, and in the entertainment industry in the west is a true symbol of oppression.

In the western worlds now,  women are being taken in human trafficking,  what made this new emerging certain types of crimes brought to life again after being extinguished hundreds of years post the revolution of emancipation of slavery in America and other countries?? 

The Us nations have reported in the last three years high rates of human trafficking, spotting women as the most targeted category in the process of sex exploitation. 

In Islam, a woman is treated as a queen, not any one has the right to see her body.

Hijab also contributes to the stability and preservation of marriage and family by eliminating the chances of extramarital affairs.

Second:  As for the Ruler's part; it’s the job of the Muslim ruler  to seek to deliver his people to paradise . The only way for this is by following the instructions of Almighty God. 

The Islamic regime deals with the society as a whole unit that must work in harmony, corruption in any part will in one way or another affect the rest… 


In order to preserve the values of Islam,  he should protect the most important element in building the society; which is the woman by not subjecting her to sexual harrassment,  rape,  dark net blackmailing, and so forth. 

Just As he should enjoin all other teachings that help him preserve the stability of the Muslim community and promote the real values and ethics of Islam. 

Last:  His responsibility is to spread awareness of these teachings and propagate them in a wise manner so that all mistaken and distorted ideas spread by misleading mass media means be corrected.

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