#تاريخ_المجمعات_و_الكنائس_و_ما_اخترعوه_في_كل_تاريخ #What_they_invented_by_Church_throughout_History

In 325, at the Council of Nicaea, Constantine the Great created Christianity. In 327, Constantine, known as the 13th apostle and emperor of Rome, orders Jerome to translate the Vulgate version into Latin, changing the proper Hebrew names and adulterating the scriptures. In 431, the cult of the VIRGIN is invented. In 594, PURGATORY is invented. In 610, the title of the POPE is invented. In 788, worship of pagan deities is imposed. In 995, the meaning of kadosh (set apart) was changed to holy. In 1079, celibacy of the priests is imposed>> fully Catholic word. In 1090, the Rosary is imposed. In 1184, the Inquisition is perpetrated. In 1190, the indulgences are sold. In 1215, confession is imposed on priests. In 1216, Pope Innocent III invented the tale of the terror of bread (a god of Greek mythology), which turns into human flesh. In 1311, batesimo is imposed. In 1439, the nonexistent PURGATORY is dogmatized. In 1854, the Immaculate Conception was invented. In 1870, the absurdity of an infallible pope is imposed, in which the concept of Hiring is invented There are more than 2500 things invented by this religion to enslave the human being with Christianity

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