The tolerance of Islam and its innocence of terrorism.

There was a crude mix and serious confusion in the concept of (terrorism) between Islam and the concepts of Western culture, and that was not only the result of a conflict of civilizations, or of scientific and intellectual vacuum in the present of the Islamic nation, but behind it are anti-Islam forces, its culture, its civilization, the glories of its nation and the splendor of its history.

They attributed to Islam some shameful concepts that were introduced in the western environment and rooted in its history and became symbols and terms for acts of barbarism and nefarious concepts of hatred; dedicating himself to distorting the image of Islam and leading Arabs and Muslims into the arena of an artificial struggle by these hostile forces. The topic is too long.

Two truths demonstrate Islam's innocence of violence and terrorism.

The first truth:

The fact that Islam is a divine and heavenly religion repudiates violence and terrorism, commands tolerance, compassion, justice and charity, just like the other heavenly religions before they were distorted and changed, the exalted Sea says:

(I have not sent you [O Muhammad!] But as a mercy to all beings.)

The exalted one says: (God orders justice, to do good and help the family; but he prohibits obscenity, bad behavior and oppression. Thus he exhorts them to reflect).

This truth springs from the essence of Islam and its ideals, it is a necessary characteristic of its faith, its law, its morals, its principles and values, its teachings, and it is also a historical truth from which the campaign of Islam in all began. the areas of life, and in their relationships with other people, groups, nations and peoples, and even with everything that exists in life, the elements of the environment, animals, plants, birds, fish, rivers, seas, air , forests, and with everything that integrates nature and its components, and that they were disciplined to treat all of the above in a logical way, achieving harmony with the laws of the universe, the nature of things and instinct ... both in their conquests, as in their commercial relations with different peoples, their movements and their travels through the land and their territories both near and far, and thus in all the aspects that accompanied the spread of Islam, its appearance and its sovereignty.

This was the general course of the history of Islam and the rise of its civilization, and the distinctive character of the Nation of Islam and its history, in peace and in war, in preaching or in war.

Only exceptions to this, some specific cases that cannot be used as a measuring stick neither in the past nor in the present, and cannot be used - at least by impartial and lucid-minded people of different religions and cultures. - as some group of ignorant people resort to them, who have taken it with Islam and its culture - as the cynical and enemy perspective of Westerners, who have always been and will continue to be a tool of the anti-Islam forces in the ancient era and modern, consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, attributing violence, terrorism and aggression to Islam, making it difficult for civilizations to coexist and tolerate them within a common humanitarian framework, and which uses the media without grounds or justifications and in a malevolent way to undermine the greatness of Islam and its glory,

Humble their nation and submit it to the great powers, and make every Arab and Muslim feel criminal and guilty, and condemn them.

If Islam, in reality, renounces violence, terrorism and all forms of cruelty, injustice and aggression, and urges compassion, tolerance, justice and charity, and this is an obvious and ingrained fact in the minds of all Muslims and in their consciences. But the rumors


About violence and terrorism and his relationship with Islam and his nation, they were helped by two important factors:

First: the fact that violence and terrorism have been attributed - unfairly - to Islam by some Western media, especially media targeting religious fundamentalism, racism and Zionism, and to top it all the relationship of these media with the who have the political decision and their capacity for intellectual, political and economic influence.

Second: the appearance of some extremist groups that carry out methods of violence and aggression, and that seek doctrinal references to base and interpret the texts of the Koran and Sunnah at will, ignoring the scientific methods given by the clergy and all the demands that they adopted in the search for knowledge to adapt it to the present of the nation both intellectually and politically as well as their interests and Circumstances of historical civilizational and cultural realities.Unfortunately, there were also groups of intellectuals who meddled to fan the fires of sedition and shame the nation until the matter led some of them to write: (Islam is a religion of terrorism) avoiding what the word (terrorism) means in the Arabic language and forgetting or ignoring the mix and confusion that happens when joining words with different content.

The tolerance of Islam and its innocence of terrorism

Whoever contemplates the concept of terrorism finds that it is a Western phenomenon that occurred throughout Western history from Roman times to modern times, but rarely did Roman rulers use violence, confiscation of property, and execution. as a means to subdue opponents of his government.

As well as groups active in European history that engaged in piracy and terrorism, such as the Vikings, who were active between the 8th and 11th centuries AD, and spread terror over large areas of Europe,

These Scandinavian groups owe their origins to Germanic tribalism as noted (Kevin Riley: West and the World)

Then came the Crusades, that history did not witness a similar aggression, but this aggression was accepted by the culture of the West for a long period that does not allow it to disappear according to the words of (Kevin Riley)

And then the Inquisition carried out by the Spanish against religious minorities and especially against Muslims, as one of the most important phases in the history of Western culture, not to mention the Crusades in Jerusalem and the atrocities committed that put religious history to shame. of the western world.

The follower of the meaning of terrorism, especially in Western culture, whether in the ancient or modern era, finds that it differs from the meaning of terrorism contained in the Qur'an and Sunna. Some of the modern western countries practiced terrorism as a political plan for the state, such as the Nazi (Hitler's) state in Germany

and the Stalin government in the Soviet Union, where state terrorism was practiced under the guise of an ideology to achieve political, economic and cultural objectives.

At the level of groups and organizations, the modern history of the West has witnessed many such as:

Baader Meinhof in Germany

The Red Brigades in Italy

And the Irish Republican Army ... and many more.

The worst thing is that violence and terrorism are based on religious fundamentalism and sacred texts,

Kevin Riley says:

"In the Crusades, we have long acquired the ability to justify our most barbarous acts in the name of God, in the name of Christian civilization or in the name of the free world.

And it is the secular image of this civilization. "

The tolerance of Islam and its innocence of terrorism (3)

The history of the West shows that its culture is based on a civilizing catalyst, which is the perception of an antagonist who is ready to attack from time to time.

They target their achievements of civilization to make them explode and thus terrorize the people; the liquidation of its leaders and its leaders, and the cunning act of the anti-Islam forces took advantage of the situation after the fall of communism and pushed Islam under the name of the (next danger), and those concerned rushed to remove theories and prove it through what was committed by those involved in the pursuit of terrorism in the name of Islam, With fabricated pretexts, of which Islam and its nation are innocent, until it was the destruction of the back with (the events of the September 11, two thousand and one), that's when Islam found itself in a trench of confrontation under the name of (the war against terrorism).

These antecedents and circumstances require the following:

Consider concepts and terminology that employ a politically appropriate methodology based on the extrapolation of those concepts and terminology through the settings in which they arose and through their semantic developments and religious, cultural, political, media, and historical backgrounds in context of western civilization,

And then compare those meanings and concepts and the indications of the corresponding ones with the Islamic civilization and its culture so that Muslims do not fall into the trap of different concepts and contents and connotations.

-The importance of equity, impartiality and positive consideration of the history of nations and peoples, without giving importance only to some pages over others, whether negative or positive, and the most important thing is affirmative action to highlight the common destiny of nations and peoples in their cultures and literatures, and their humane, noble and lofty pileres; in order to achieve that human beings can live in peace and cooperation in the light of the cultural plurality that preserves the specific nature of each nation that is distinguished by its beliefs and legislation, its literature and its ethics of its own cultural heritage and the unification of the common destiny between them, imposed by the civilization of this time and its achievements of human heritage in which other nations and civilizations contributed, and was made to contribute to the civilization of Islam and its nation and qualify them to effectiveness of civilization and reaffirm the eligibility of intellectual property in what they have created and achieved in the advancement of civilization.

- 👉👉 And here we focus on two important facts:

👉First: the tolerance of Islam and its innocence of terrorism

👉-Second: Terrorism is a Western term that originated in the West and developed in it.

The intention is to illuminate what is absent from the currents opposed to Islam and its nation, and not to stigmatize the West with terrorism and spread it in its history, Western civilization came with cultural data and was based on human values ​​that benefited and raised the human rights, and has its democratic applications and positive advantages in the field of human rights and its well-being and justice through procedures that the reality of the Islamic nation suffer in its struggle and in its crisis of civilization in the context of the terminology that becomes part of that conflict and crisis.

It will continue if God allows it.

The tolerance of Islam and its innocence of terrorism

However, the fault lies in the conspirators against peace who put their interests and ambitions before them, who do not conform to their legitimate rights and do not recognize the other, and who depart from their hostile plans of radical fundamentalism to achieve their objectives through the force and counterfeit,

Those who have thrown Islam - to defeat it and weaken its reality and terrorize its peoples and nations - in the center of the confrontation with hostile forces and have prepared to face it, with the help of the great powers through their powerful political groups and their different media, dragging Arabs and Muslims into a fabricated war that has been imposed on them with malicious and malicious plans that attack their existence, their religion, their wealth, their capabilities, their sanctities and their sovereignty , but the conspiracies will fall on themselves, may God protect Islam and Muslims and help them achieve their benefit and that of all humanity!

The tolerance of Islam was not limited only to Muslims, it also includes non-Muslims, Jews and Christians, and polytheists, even in the case of war, Islam prohibited the killing of children, women, the elderly and the sick.

It was narrated that Buraydah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him:

"When he commanded an army or a militia, he recommended that he fear Allah, and be merciful to the Muslims who went with him." Then he said: "Go to war in the name of Allah, and for their sake, fight against those who attack them from those who do not believe in God, do not overreach, do not betray, do not defile, do not kill children,

And if you find your enemy of the infidels, invite them to three qualities: To any of the three respond, accept, and leave them, and then invite them to Islam)).

- Said peace be upon him:

((If you conquer Egypt, be good to the Copts, because they have protection and blood ties)).


What is happening in the world of the killing of innocents and the shedding of blood, by those who claim to belong to Islam, is not only corruption, but infidelity, and their Islam is innocent.

The Islamic religion is a religion of mercy and tolerance, it is a religion of peace, the religion of good manners and rights,

What these terrorists do is demolish the ties of this true religion, and shake the high message from heaven, and the sterile and evil distortion of Islam and Muslims.

👉👉 Killing a person unjustly:

32. As a consequence [of this murder], I legislated for the Children of Israel that: "Whoever kills a person without his having committed a crime or sowed corruption on Earth, it is as if he kills all humanity.

Chapter 5

What verse after these do you want?

And he says exalted be he in chapter 17:

33. Do not kill, for God has forbidden it, except for a just reason.

The murder of a soul without rights is to kill a person without committing a crime, even punishment, it is not allowed for anyone to punish anyone except by order of the ruler, how is it possible that those who claim to be Muslim and kill unjustly, they only seek corruption on earth, cursed by God wherever they are.

And it is considered murder of the soul without the right to kill the innocent and peaceful, who are powerless, including the elderly, the sick, women and children ... There is no power except Almighty God.

👉👉the dignity of the blood of a Muslim:

Said the prophet peace be upon him:

(the destruction of the ka'bah stone by stone is less important to God than shedding the blood of a Muslim)

Praise be to Allaah who appreciates his submissive servants.

He also said peace be upon him:

The disappearance of the world is inferior to God than to kill a Muslim.

Ibn Umar saw the Ka'bah one day and said:

(How great and how holy are you, but for God the holiness of the believer is greater than yours).

To shed the blood of a Muslim unjustly, and the sanctity of his blood:

Glorified God be says in the holy Quran:

Whoever murders a believer with premeditation will be condemned to remain eternally in Hell, in addition he will fall into the wrath of God, and will receive his curse and a terrible punishment.

Chapter 4: 93

The Messenger of Allah has said in the farewell speech on the day of Arafa in the pilgrimage:

«Certainly your blood and your goods are sacred to you as this day of yours is sacred, in this month of yours and in this city of yours.

And he said peace be upon him:

"Insulting the Muslim is depravity and fighting him is disbelief"


The story of Usama Ibn Zaid:

Usama ibn Zaid (may Allaah be pleased with them) commented that when he sent them the

Messenger of Allah to AlHurqa to fight, a man fled and a man from the Ansar and I caught up with him, the fugitive said: There is no god but Allah, the Ansari forgave him and I killed him, and when we arrived where the Prophet told me :

Osama: (You killed him after he said: is there no god except Allah?)

I said: It was his custom, and the prophet repeated what he told me until I wished I had not converted to Islam before that day.

Wielding a weapon against the Muslim

Let's see brother, the crime of wielding a weapon against the Muslim even without killing him,

The prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him said:

(It is not up to us who wields arms against us) ..

And he also said: (Who wields an iron -threatening- his brother Angels curse him until he lets go.)

👉👉 Intimidate and scare the Muslim:

The mere fact of intimidating the Muslim and scaring him are prohibited, imagine killing him without just cause:

The messenger of Allaah may peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him said: (It is not allowed for a Muslim to be frightened).

👉👉 The intention to kill a Muslim:

And just the fact that a person intends to kill a Muslim is enough to lead him to the fire, he says peace be upon him:

(if two Muslims meet with their swords, the murderer and the murdered will go to the fire),

It was said: O Messenger of Allah the murderer is worth it, why the one who was murdered? He said:

(He was also trying to kill his partner).

Kill the protected:

Know that if a Muslim shelters a person, he will be in the refuge of God, neither his blood nor his honor will be lawful.

And those who are not Muslims and work in a Muslim country, who are under protection, cannot be attacked, and this is fixed in our religion there is no difference between our teachers and lawyers ..

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said:

:: (Whoever kills a protégé would not smell the aroma of Paradise, and that the smell of it is perceived from a distance of walking forty years) ..

And he also said:

(Whoever has been unfair to a protégé or has despised him or has demandedr above his means or has taken something from him without his consent, I will be his enemy on resurrection day)

It is known that on the day of the conquest of Mecca, Hani's mother sheltered an idolater, and when Ali son of Abi Talib wanted to kill him, she ran to tell the prophet, and he said:

(Hani's mother, we shelter whoever you shelter)

Imagine if the one who gives refuge is a governor, Allah exalted said:

(Oh, believers, keep your commitments.) !!

👉👉 The prohibition to fight with those who do not fight against us are unbelievers or idolaters:

Allah exalted said: (It is possible that God will cause mutual affection to arise between you and those who are now his enemies. God has the power to do so, because he is Forgiving, Merciful.

God does not forbid them to do good and to treat with justice those who have not fought them because of religion or expelled them from their homes, because God loves those who act with justice.

God only forbids them to take as allies those who fight them because of religion and have expelled them from their homes or contributed to their expulsion. Know that those who take you as allies will be committing an injustice.)



Islamist terrorism is a term invented by America and used by the major countries - to justify their acts of violence against Muslims around the world.

These countries dominate the world media and spread these lies and promote them.

Indeed, what is really happening in the world is the weakening, torture, persecution, murder and displacement of Muslims.

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