My Love for Jesus Led Me to Islam

I. Introduction 4

II. My Experience in the United States of America 8

III. The Gospels I I

IV. The Authenticity of the Qur'dn 21

V. The Life and Mission of Jesus 26

VI. Prophet Muhammad 33

VII. Doctrines of Christianity and Isliim 51

The Trinity 52

The Divinity of Jesus 56

The Divine Sonship 61

The Original Sin 63

Islam: The Monotheistic Religion of All the Prophets 73

VIII. My Final Step Toward Islam: The Influence Of Jesus On My

Conversion To Islam 78

IX. How Islam Affected My Life 81

X. How My Conversion Affected Other's Lives 85

XI. When Religion Is Inculcated By Compulsion 88

XII. An Open Invitation to the Pope and The Rest Of The World

Leaders . 95

Appendix - Comparison Chart 99

I frfy Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lslAm

believe that Catholicism

was only a

Hence the other religions

heard about Isldmfor the first

learnedt hat Muslims believedi n the

The Qur'dn

(the proper name for God in the Arabic

prophets to every land in order to guide

carvet he Christianm essagein to the depths

subconscioust,h e Church designeda

from childhood, had a very

This program affected

for the rest of their

t he centralf igure is Jesusa nd the

surrounding his birth,

supposedd eatha nd resurrectionf;r orl his birlh, assumed

t o allegedc rucifixion on Easter.

introduced by human beings

manyc enturiesa fterJ esusd' epafturera thert han by Divine

Venezttelaa, t midnight on

24'" nsed rvait the arrival of Jesus to

requestedin rny yearly wish

frorn poor and having several

brothersa nd understoodt hat it was very difficult

rvhat I had asked for. But I

if Jesus had

performed so I had learned from nuns

not to bring me a tricycle?

Wasrr't requcst easier fbr than bringing dead

W My Islam

I. Introduction

As a Catholic, I was led to was the only true religion, and that Judaism preparation for Christianity. were all false. In fact, I only Islam for time in 1978. I had learned that believed in divine origin of Christianity and Judaism. Qur 'an

indicates that Allah language) had sent people to the path oftruth and righteousness.

In order to carve the Christian message into of my subconscious, the Catholic designed a

program which, when applied high probability of retention. people's beliefs and their behavior lives. In this scheme, the central figure Jesus and rites are mostly related to events supposed death and resurrection; from birth, to be in December, to his alleged crucifixion These religious rites were many centuries after Jesus' departure rather than Revelation.

According to tradition in Venezuela, at December 24th I used to wait for bring the gifts that I had requested in my letter. Being from a family, brothers and sisters, I understood that for "Child Jesus" to bring me what was often confused and puzzled because perfonned so many miracles as and priests, why was he able Wasn't that request easier for Him

MyG reaLt oveF orJ esusL edM eT ot stamp

people life? years, l eft As Easterw as approaching, I used to watch how Jesus was until he wanted TV set and help him somehow. I asked God to help him,

asked Him not let His 'son' crucified. In I becauseI was taughtt hat do not I couldn ot understanrdv hy suchb rutalityw as

on good rnan. As a this incident

cultivatedi n intensel ove for greatp ropheto f

for perhaps toys Christmas- answert o theirw ish letters- their If objective the was infuse

of reverencef or Jesus, i n my case they were

I learnedt o love Jesusm ore than my own

parents. H owever,r vhiles till a I startedt o question

porvero f corrceptth at I had aboutG od was

r.vhateveHre rvantedI.{ e had createdt he

universet,h e earth.t he sun, t he rnoon.t he stars, a ndl tuman

wondeled rvhy He could not save Jesus from

resolve this

I clirnbed small wall in the

house cliallenged God, saying: "lf

arer eally porvcrful,a nd cand o u'hateverY ou like,

thenr naken ie f1yr .vhenIj ump {romt hisr vall.O therrviseI ,

believet hat are pou'crfll, becauseY ou

from the either." Fofiunately,

n'as l the ground. With

attemptt o fl1' becarner .norea nd rnorec onvinced

rvas porveriul alier all. A childish analysis


My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To Islam \p

back to Thus, for several the concept of

"Child Jesus" left me disappointed.

Easter was televised

stories of abused was hung on a

cross to be crucified. I really to climb inside the

and to 'son' be the

end, would hide and cry because I taught that "men

cry." could not understand why such brutality was

inflicted such a man. child, cultivated in me an intense love this great prophet of

God. As other children, the they received

on Christmas - as an answer to their wish letters - was the

cause of affection towards Jesus.

the of Church to somehow a feeling reverence for in successful. learned to Jesus more However, while still child, stal1ed to the power of God. The concept that about God that He could do whatever He wanted. He created the

universe, the earth, the the moon, the and human

beings. I wondered why being crucified on the cross. In order to dilemma, on one occasion climbed a backyard of my and challenged If

You are really so powerful, and can do whatever You then make me fly when I jump from this wall. Otherwise, I

will not believe that You arc so powcrful, because You

could not save Jesus cross Fortunately,

the wall was not so high and I fell to every attempt to fly I became more and more convinced

that God was not so powcrful after indeed!



Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lslAm



I queries.

subconsciouas t D uring period, m y


parapsychologyI. accompaniedth em severalt imes learned

conceptso f s pirits,p ossessiona nd



dedication. tlie protect

whereverI continuedt o aboutt he A t time. mv fatherh ad read

r t he dcadd o living: d evils imitatet he

voiceso f deada nd communicateth rought hc living. Qur'an in

peoplc spirits.'fhe lact perform

naturc the Qur

'rin. fbr

thosc whcrs upplicatet o oth0r thanA Iliih otherso f

posscssionb y dcvils, morc a cooperationrv ith thosee vil

spiritso r usingo there vil spiritst o getr id ofother ones.

W My Ishim

Later on in life when I started high school, my allowed me to work with an old man who was a

photographer and I accompanied him to many places. It

turned out that he was also a very famous fortuneteller.

Wherever we went, many of his female clients would ask

him about events that would happen in their future. For

this task, he used to smoke brown tobacco, and as it was

being consumed and the ashes fell, he would 'reveal'

information to his clients. r also learned that he used to

hypnotize people in order to learn hidden things about

their lives and would then respond to their All of these experiences were stored in my

subconscious at a very early age. During this my

parents were attending a center that specialized parapsychology. r accompanied them several times to see

what was happening and it was in this center that I about the concepts of meditation, spirits, possession and

what I thought was dead people speaking to the livingl


Here I learned to pray twice daily at a small altar that father had built with great care and dedication, At one of

the gatherings I attended, the leader of the session

prepared a talisman for me, which he said would me, so I took it with me wherever I went.

Meanwhile, I continued to think about the crucifixion

of Jesus. At the time, my father had a book that he ] In reality, the dead do not talk to the living; rather, devils imitate the

voices of the dead and communicate through the living, On the other

hand, Qur 'an recitation and Prophetic supplications are effective ridding people of all evil spirits. The fact that any Muslim can such acts is clear proof of the miraculous nature of the Qur 'an. As for

those who supplicate to other than Allah or usc the Bible to rid others of

possession by devils, it is no more than a cooperation with those evil

spirits or using other evil spirits to get rid of other ones.

My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lsl6m p

crucifi xion.

happilya cceptedH. owever,b eforet ravelingi n attacko n B ut t hey stoles omeo f rnoney.rI n spiteo f rleans affectedm e. Perhapst o many people b ut I had witnessedm y

fatherp unishm y brothers everelyw hen he broughth ome

equivalento f fivec entsa nd could not provide

satisfbctorve xolanationa s to where he eot it


1 SomeB iblical tcxtsc lcarlyl orbid stealinga nclo thera ctso f evil, as in

commandments": Antl spake all these wot'ds, saying, I

arn thc have no othcr before

rne...Thou rnake thec any graven irnagc, or any

ofany hcaven above...'fhou shalt not borv

thern, nor serve thcm: lbr I the LORD thy

God...rrarne of the LORD thy God in

vain...Honol thv lathcr thv rnothcr...Thou shalt not kill.

not ionunit adtrltcr.y.-Thous ltalt rtot steal. T hou shalt

f,rls^cw itncn^sa gainst thy neig-hbor.T hou shalt not covet

ncighbor's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's

rvifc...rnr any thing that is thy neighbot's." (irxodus 20: l-17) These

tc\ts consiclcrctdo bc a scctiono 1'theB iblc that is in line \\ith the

Qur'an. only' that thcir irnpact on pcoplc's livcs has alntost vanished

tluet o cxistcncco l otherl extsi n thc Iliblc thata liorvt heir violation.

OLrto 1'rnr'rc)'toh unrankincl(.l od rcvealcdt hc Qirr'rirra s a critcrion

or c l i t s prcrlcccssols.

Islam W

frequently. It was entitled "The Life of Jesus Dictated by

Himself." He once told me that according to this book,

Jesus had traveled to places away from Jerusalem, which

made me a little optimistic about finding an answer to my

question regarding his crucifixion.

When I graduated from high school, I was granted a

scholarship to study engineering in the USA, which I

happily accepted. However, before traveling in 1977, I had

a bad experience that affected my belief in Christianity. I

saw two Christians help a man who had suffered from an

epileptic attack on the street. But afterwards, they searched

his wallet and stole some of his money.1 In spite of the fact

that individual acts cannot by any means be considered

indicative of the validity or invalidity of a religion, this

incident greatly affected me. Perhaps to this

event might seem insignificant, but witnessed my

father punish my brother severely when brought home

the equivalent of twenty-five cents and him with a satisfactory explanation as got 1 Some Biblical tcxts clcarly forbid stealing and other acts of the ten commandments: "And God words, am the LORD thy God...Thou shalt other gods me...Thou shalt not make unto thee image, likeness of any thing that is in heaven above ...Thou bow

down thyself to them, them: for God Thou shalt not take the name vain Honor thy father and thy mother...Thou Thou shalt commit adultery. Thou shalt not Thou not bear false witness against neighbor. Thou thy neighbor's wife...nor neighbor's." Exodus 1-tcxts are considered to be section of the Bible \vith QUI' 'an, only their impact people's lives almost due to the existence of other texts in the Bible that allow their Out of mercy to humankind. God revealed the QUI' '(In as criterion

over its predecessor:;.

I *, Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lsldm

II. ln studiesa t of the F irst, go rnaster's pray I problem I I performed

arms' It

in the

A t rememberedh ow t Islam grcat importanoe For

example, cleanlincss place in addition to

making requircment 1br ol performing formal

recommendedb efore recitationo f Qur'6n,

bodf is after sexual

intercourse bclore the

congregational Othcr mouth,

brushing nails. thc pubic hair,

trimming moustachc. perfume. living places,

rernoving objccts u'ay from

pollutingp ublicp lacesa nd utilities.k ccpings hadyp lacesc lean,e tc.a re

actse ncouragcda nd enjoinedb 5'I slum.


that bring

one ncarer God. ancl reuarded l{im. anyrvhere near lsldm fbr body


W My Islam

II. My Experience in the United States of America

In 1977, I arrived in the United States of America to

begin studies at one ofthe universities. First, I had to to

a school to learn English, and there I met many people of

different beliefs from various parts of the world. In Seattle,

Washington, at the English language school, I had a

roommate from Saudi Arabia who was working on his

master's degree and whose name was Fouad. One day, he

asked me if it was alright for him to in the room. I

told him that J did not have a with it. J was

surprised, since it was the first time J saw a Muslim

perform his prayers. Before starting to pray, he ablution. He washed his hands, rinsed his mouth, and

washed his face and arms1 in the small sink in our room. was the first time I had seen someone wash his feet a

sink meant for washing hands. Then I observed movements of his prayers. He stood up, bowed, knelt

down, and prostrated. At that point I remembered how we

used to pray in the church by only kneeling down and what

I Isliim assigns great importance to the issue of cleanliness. example, the cleanliness of the dress, body, and making ablution a requirement for the validity of prayer. Ablution is also recommended before recitation of the Qur 'an,

and going to bed. Washing the entire body an obligation intercourse and is a commendable act before the attending of congregational Friday prayer. Other acts, such as washing the brushing teeth, trimming nails, removing the and armpit trimming the moustache. using perfume, tidying up removing harmful objects from the way of others, abstaining polluting public places and utilities, keeping shady places clean, etc. are

all acts encouraged and enjoined by Islam. These are also acts one nearer to God, and for which one is rewarded by Him. No other

religion comes anywhere ncar Islam as hlr as clcanliness of the and soul is concerned.

My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lslAm p

left occasion,

discussingt he prayersI

pray you that is ancestorsu sedt o ancestorsu sedt o and generationsu p present. had in d ue deepC hristianr ootsI wentt o mosquea nd observedm any

rvay pray

remained seated to Since

people u'ere I joined thern and


Jarnil lraq, giving a talk in

Englisha bout" remembetrh at voicew as

spoke, he looked

sornebody ill someonee lse,b ut anyones pecifically.

objectivew ast o I'eelingo f guilt in those



rvas starling freshmana t OklahomaS tateU niversity.I t r'vasth rought he

comparatir"eb ookletst hat learnedt hat Islunt and Islam W

Fouad did was different. A short time later he the

institute, and for several months, I did not see another

Muslim pray.

During break time at the English institute, foreign

students from various countries used to meet and discuss a

variety of topics. I clearly remember that on one as we were discussing the origin of religions and prayers I

told them: "You the way do because the

way your ancestors used to do." I went on to tell them that

their ancestors used to worship the sun, the moon the

stars, and since then, that tradition has been transmitted

through all the generations up to the I even

started to have doubts about the origin of belief God.

However, due to my deep Christian roots I did not become

an atheist.

One day I went to visit a mosque and I observed many

people praying the same way that I had seen Fouad previously. After the prayer, they all on

the floor which was very cold to listen a sermon. the rest of the were sitting, them listened to all that the imam had to say. His name Jamil Abdul-Razzaq from Iraq, and he was English about "Backbiting." I remember that his voice was

high pitched and emotional. As he around the audience as if somebody had spoken of

someone else, but he did not point out anyone specifically.

I think his objective was to instill a feeling of involved in backbiting.

That same day, someone sent me an envelope some booklets comparing Islam and Christianity. took me a long time to read as I was then busy starting as a

freshman at Oklahoma State University. It was through the

comparative booklets that I learned that Islam the

!P *t Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lsl6m

messageo f Jesusw ere revelationsfr om that "...for I (John 49). hurnanity, "And Qur'6n [i.e., your [O - you ..." (Qur'd n 192-149)

t he everyr eligion dependsf undarnentallyo n originalr evelationfr onr preserved

transmittedt o l'rurnankindT. he uncerlainty precisionw ith rvhiche veryr vord revealectlo prophets

transmittedt o I f thesew ords have i t essenceo f rnessagew ould forever. C onsequentlyi,n

just unbiasedc clr.uparisobne tween

Islctnt,i t necessaryto determinet he

extentt o originalC ospels thc Qur'dn have

fice f}om adulterationsa.c lditionso r briel'cornparisonb etween

Christianitya nd Isldm; irtf-luetttiarel ligions

rvorldw ith thc highestn urrbero l'fcrllowersfr orn a nd tn,o n.rostc losely rvill Cod scekero f trLrthir rh is lrcl searchlb l relision.

~ My Islam

message of Jesus were both revelations from God. Jesus

said the message he was conveying was not his but

God's: have not spoken on my own, but the

Father who sent me has Himself given me a

commandment about what to say and what to speak."

12:49). Likewise, the revelation that Prophet

Muhammad conveyed to the rest of humanity, was sent by

God through Angel Gabriel: "And indeed, the Qur'an is

the revelation of the Lord of the worlds. The

Trustworthy Spirit [i.e., Gabriel] has brought it down

upon heart, [0 Muhammad] - that may be of

the warners .•." Qur'an 26:192-194)

Therefore, the truth of every religion and the proof of

its divine origin depends fundamentally on the accuracy

with which the original revelation from God was and transmitted to the rest of humankind. The level of

deviation and uncertainty depends on the degree of

precision with which every word revealed to the was transmitted to others. If these words not been

accurately transmitted and have instead suffered

adulteration, it is highly likely that the essence of the

original message would be lost Consequently, in

order to make a and unbiased comparison between

Christianity and Islam, it is necessary to determine the

extent to which the original Gospels and the Qur 'an been kept free from adulterations, additions or deletions.

What follows in this book is a brief comparison between

Christianity and Islam; the two most influential religions

in the world with the highest number of followers from all

races and nations, and the two 1110st closely associated

faiths. I hope that by the will of God this book will assist

the seeker of truth in his or her search for the true religion.

My Great Love For Jesus Led Me ro lslam !2

written years was CE. Gospela ccordingt o Lr.rkew as in

CE. Johnr, profoundly

It preexistencoef Jesusr vase xpressed,

this attributedto T his gospelw as rvrittenb etween1 10

I 15 CE.

Gospelsw erec omposeda ftert he followerso f

It be

in order reflect the

traditionals ourcesw ere r.rtilizedto write them

great to keep the

a s contelttu ,asm eantt o servet he

personali nterests.T his fact confirrnedb y

' 'Ihis

Jesus'd isciplesA. ccordingt o Ency'clopedia

llritannica,u 'hichu as rvrittenb y Chrislians cholars".t he Gospel

accordingto Johni s definitclya ndu ndoubtedlya labrication."

To Islam ~

III. The Gospels

The four well-known Gospels of Matthew, Mark,

Luke and John are found in the New Testament section of

the Bible. They were written between 70 CE and 115 CE;

decades after Jesus had departed, and were supposedly

based on documents that have since been lost. The Gospel

according to Mark was the first one in the Greek

language in Rome, at least 40 after Jesus' departure.

The Gospel according to Matthew written in Greek

about 90 CEo The Gospel according to Luke was written Greek approximately 80 CEo These three Gospels are

called Synoptic because they are supposed to have

originated from the same lost documents. The Gospel

according to John!, on the other hand, is different from the Synoptic Gospels. is in this Gospel

that the divinity and preexistence of Jesus was expressed,

even though Jesus never confirmed in the statements

attributed to himself. This gospel was written between 110

and 115 CEo

The Gospels were composed after the first followers of

Jesus had been divided into several sects. can confirmed that they were written to conception of the practical needs of the community.

Although traditional sources were utilized to down, the writers did not exercise care original content free from additions, deletions and other

forms of corruption, as the content was meant to serve the

writers' personal interests. This was confirmed by

I This John is not onc of Jesus' disciples. According to Encyclopedia

Britannica, which was co written by 500 Christian scholars. "the Gospcl

according to John is detinitcly and undoubtcdly a j~lbrication."

!2 ruv Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lst6m

authoritiesr Qur'dn centuriesa go.

tl-rat departureo f T herew ere otherss uch lf

It prophet. However, even

thought hey hada lreadyb eend eclaredto "The yearsp assedb y, sameG ospelsa ppeared

predecessorsw, hich is

undisputede videnceo f cot'rttptiona ffecting

r llncl'clopedia Rritannicir. "lmpofiant intentional

changess, uch inserliona nd aclditiono l-* 'holc paragraphslo ok

placc . . . " pp 521.ln inl roclucl iotno thc Cathol icB ible

p.13 ), statedt hat copli stsh ad clcarlyi nscrtcdt hingso ver

centuricsth trtu 'crcn ot pilrt o1'thcS cripturesa. nd as resulto fthat

thc tcxt ne norv reachccul s prcgnantr vith all kinds of

corruptionr"v hichi s mani{'esitn copics. Also. in Prefocet o King

lersion ploduccd Christians cholarsb ackedu p by 50

consultativeb odies.* 'e read:" Yet. .latnesV ersionh as grave

defects. .. anclt hcsec lci'ectasr es o martvt rncsl o scriotts. .."

W My Ishim

Christian authorities! after the Qur 'an had stated it more

than 14 centuries ago.

It is worth mentioning that these four Gospels were

not the only documents written in the centuries following

the departure of Jesus. There were many others such as the

Gospels of Jacob, Peter, Thomas, Philip, and Barnabas. If

we consider the "The Gospel According to the Hebrews,"

for example, it was a document written in Aramaic, the

same language spoken by Jesus. was utilized by the

Nazarenes who negated the divinity of Jesus and

considered him no more than a great In the fourth

century CE, the Gospels According to Mark, Matthew,

Luke and John were included in the body of the main

Biblical text, and the Church declared the remaining

existent documents to be heretical. additional

changes continued to be made in thcse Gospels though they had already been declared to be 'The Word of

God." And as years passed by, the same Gospels appeared

with different texts from their predecessors, which undisputed evidence of the kind of corruption affecting

these books.

I According to Encyclopedia Britannica. '"Important changes, such as the inseliion and addition of whole paragraphs took

place ... " V2, pp. 519-521. In the introduction to the Catholic Bible

(p. 13), it is stated that that the copyists had clearly inserted things over

the centuries that were not part of the Scriptures, and a result of that

the text that we have now has reached us pregnant with corruption, which is manifest in all copies. Also, Preface to the James Version, produced by 32 Christian scholars backed up consultative bodies, we read: "Yet, the King James Version has defects ... and these defects are so many and so serious "

My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lsl6m !2

ar.rthenticityo f messagest hat carne mentionedi n Qur'dn.' Gospelsd. oesn ot existt odayr

ascensionto heavenh ave

1 15 depafture, lost

consequence?th ere was a loose

Gosoels' u'ere Gospelsw erew ritteni n Greekl anguagew hile

presentG ospelsa nd mosto f Epistlesw ere not

fourlh when a

CoLrncil of was

CE. Gospels did not


itt conrplv with 'God saida boutJ esus" . . . .and gaveh im Gospel ,i n wasg uidancea nd l ight . . . "( Our 'an5 :16)

2 "Verilv trnto Whcrescrcvcr gospcl shall be

preachctl thc rvhole uorld, donc bc fil'a rttcnroli:rlo f lV1arkl: 1:9 and

lvlatthuv rvhocver wants lcarn about thc original

conccptso f'tcachinsghso uldr cadl |'tcQ ur'drt.

Islam ~

Among the many factors to be considered when

analyzing the veracity of the Four Canonized Gospels and

the authenticity of the messages that came along with

them, are the following:

1. The original Gospel as was revealed to Jesus and is

mentioned in the Qur 'an. l as well as in the contemporary

Gospels, does not exist todal

2. The first records about the sayings of Jesus which

were made shortly following his ascension to heaven have

been lost.

3. The Gospels were written between 70 and 115 CE,

decades after Jesus' departure, and were based on documents. As a consequence, there manipulation of the content.

4. None of the Gospels' authors saw Jesus or heard him

speak. Hence, they were not eyewitnesses.

5. The Gospels were written in the Greek language while

Jesus spoke Aramaic.

6. The present Gospels and most of the Epistles were chosen and validated until the fOUlih century CE, resolution by a minority of the Council Nicea enforced in 325 CEo Before this date the have any canonical authority, and were changed by writers of different sects in order to comply their

1 God said about Jesus and We gave him the Gospel, in which

was guidance and light " (Qllr 'dn 5:46)

2 Verily I say unto you, \Vhcrcsocvcr this gospel preached throughout the whole world, this also that she hath

done shall be spoken of for a memorial of her." (Mark 14:9 Matthew 26: 13). And whoever \vants to learn the concepts of Jesus' teachings should read the Qur ·(In.

!2 tt GreaLt oveF orJ esusL edM eT ol sl6m

personal P aul, (Acts 2). (Acts 11). convefted, "he join (Acts 26-

27). himself' presentinga ny evidencee stablishingt he (Acts 3-8). Surprisinglyh, e suddenlyb ecamet he spokesmani n Jesusc laiming 6).'

accusedt hosew ho "believed ' rvitness support clairn cxcept fbr Biblc 31

states: bear rvitness true." "And 'rvhich joulneyed but me." nhat 2

iohn l Belovecl, cvefy ale rnany rvorld." hirnselfconfessed Fol Gotl rnore aboundcd tlu'ough alsojudged sinnerP" W My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To Islam

interests and desires. Up to the present day the

practice of tampering with the text is still prevalent.

7. The vast majority of the New Testament is composed

of the writings of Paul and his students. Paul, who never

saw or heard Jesus speak, was initially one of the most

prominent enemies of Jesus' ministry. He killed many

followers of the Messiah and imprisoned them 8:3,

9: 1-2). He afterwards forced them to confess to lies against

Jesus 26: II). But when Saul (later called Paul)

supposedly converted, assayed to himself to

the disciples: but they were all afraid of him, and

believed not that he was a disciple. But Barnabas took

him, and brought him to the apostles..." 9:2627).

This event occurred after Paul claimed that Jesus

appeared to him and spoke to him on the way to

Damascus. He bore witness for himself! without

presenting any evidence establishing the truth of his claim

9:3-8). Surprisingly, he suddenly became the chief

spokesman in the name of Jesus claiming that he was

appointed by Jesus to preach to the world (Acts 9:3-6)?

Paul also ·accused those who not that he was a

I There was no eye-witness to support Paul's claim except for himself. Such

testimony for one's self is rejected according to the Bible itself. John 5:31

states: "If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true:' Added to

this is the fact that therc are several other contradictions in the narrative. For

example, in Acts 9:7 "And the men which journeyed with him stood

speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man," while in Acts 22:9, we

read: "but they heard not the voice of him that spoke to me:' With this

claim, Paul managed to achieve what he could not achieve by force

2 According to 1 Jolm 4:1 "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the

spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are

gone out into the world." Paul himself confessed to lying in his preaching

"For if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his

glory; why yet am I also judged as a sinner?" (Romans 3:7).

MyG reaLt oveF orJ esusL edM eT ol slam @

(1 20-

2l). describedB amabas,w ho beeng ood "...carried fulfill' 21:20 6). "Thus, "'30). "All rne" 1: 15), "No oldestB iblical manuscriptws e havea ccessto , 4tl' 5tr' '

that larv, comc or. shall larv, fulfrlled." Mattherv ln "tg. fi'ee fi'om serwant gain the go. thc Jcrvs Jervs; ale larv,

thern undel larv; 91. rvithout rvithout Iarv qe, rveak rveak, nright arrr

all that 93.

nright rvith My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To Islam W

disciple" of erring concerning the faith l Timothy 6:2021).

He described Barnabas, who had been good to him, as

" ... carried away with their dissimulation," (Galatians

2: 13). Paul even gave himself the right to propagate

teachings that were contradictory to those taught by Jesus

Christ and went against "the law" which Jesus came to

fulfill! (Acts 21 :20 and Romans 7:6). we find:

"When Paul would have entered in unto the people,

the disciples suffered him not" (Acts 19:30). He also

declared that, they which are in Asia be turned

away from me" (2 Timothy 15), and man stood

with me, but all men forsook me" (2 Timothy 4: 16).

8. The oldest Biblical manuscripts we have access to, are

Codexes Vaticanus, Sinaiticus and Alexandrinus; all

dating back to between the 4th and 5th centuries AD. The

extent of alteration the Gospels were subjected to prior to

these dates can hardly be determined, considering that the

1 "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am

not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, Till

heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shalI in no wise pass from

the law, till all be fulfilled." (Matthew 5:17-18). Paul sought to gather

round himself as many followers as possible even if his means to do so

happened to go against the teachings of Christ or his ways of propagation.

In 1 Corinthians 9: 19-23, Paul confesses to horrendous acts of cheating

lying and deceit to achieve his purposes. He says: 19. For though I be

free from all men, yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I

might gain the more. 20. And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I

might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law,

that I might gain them that are under the law; 21. To them that are

without law, as without law, (being not without law to God, but

under the law to Christ,) that I might gain them that are without law.

22. To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am

made alI things to all men that I might by all means save some. 23.

And this I do for the gospel's sake, that I might be partaker thereof

with you."

!P tt Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lslam


c ontain effors contradictions.2T here equivalentt o Gospelr evealedt o A s assertiont,h e informationi s Testament. t he referencest o t value we find two are

Testament... versionso f Nerv Tcstamenth at reachedu s

2 Kehl to

Bible" no other ever

sufl-ereda s e nors Holy Bible.

l,aura statementa bout Qur'dn (seef ootnote2 , Page2 1 footnotel , Page

W My Ishim

language of the Gospels was Greek while Jesus spoke


9. There are many discrepancies in several places

between the fourth and fifth century manuscripts.!

10. The Gospels, seen as a whole, together with the

Epistles, contain many errors and contradictions? There is

also great uncertainty among Biblical scholars as to who

the authors of the Gospels actually were.

These facts are mentioned here as evidence that the

Gospel of Jesus as revealed by God has not reached us in

its original form. In this way, it can be affirmed that the

four Gospels included in today's Bible and the Epistles

that accompany them cannot be considered similar or

equivalent to the Gospel revealed to Jesus. As proof of this

assertion, the following information is presented:

The New Testament, on which modern Christian

doctrines rest, has undergone radical changes and almost

every new edition differs from the others. Some of the

changes that are now being implemented are so

fundamental that they strike at the very foundation of

Christianity. For example, the only two references to the

I Some Biblical scholars point to the existence of thousands of

manuscripts from the Gospels but what is the true of these

manuscripts if amongst the thousands, cannot that alike?!. According to the International Translation of the New

Testament ... "All the versions of the New Testament that reached us

were not similar."

2 The numerous errors contained in the Bible led Robert Zeller say in his "The Authenticity of the Holy that book suffered as many changes, errors and corruptions as the This is in clear contrast to William Muir's and Laura Vaglieri's

statement about the Qur 'an see footnote 2, Page 21 and footnote I, 22.)

My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lslam !y'

rvere fbund irr Staridard eviderrcec ited supportJ esus'a scensior.ars (Mark l 6 : l 9 )

rvhile rvas 51).


aforernentioned fl'on.r l6: rernoved rvith numbel irnrnediately 51, u,ords. "carried heavcn" Matther'v 1621-"For rvith rervard ever).man rvorks. you, sorne rvhich cleath, corning kingdorn." carne corrcluded i t labrication ascribedt o JesusC hrist rvlto r,vasa Mattherv contradicls rvhen .lesus ansrvered hirn, i t . . . Peter... rvill kevs liingdom rvhatsoever bintl hcaven: *'hatsoever Mattherv l6:17-19).

Matther,v l6:contlast a l l i t

My Love For Led To Islam ~

ascension of Jesus that were found in the Gospels of Mark

and Luke have now been deleted from the Revised

Standard Edition (RSV), 1952. These passages contained

evidence cited to support Jesus' ascension as follows:

So then after the Lord had spoken to them, he was

received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of

God. \6: 19)

And it came to pass; while he blessed them, he

was parted from them, and carried up to heaven.

(Luke 24:51).

The aforementioned verse from Mark 16: 19, has been

removed along with a number of other verses that

immediately preceded and succeeded it. As for Luke

24:5\, the words, up to heaven" were removed.

In Matthew 16:27-28, we read: the Son of man

shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels;

and then he shall reward every man according to his

works. Verily I say unto There be some standing

here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the

Son of man coming in his kingdom." As this prophecy

never came true, it can only be concluded that it was a

fabrication ascribed to Jesus Christ who was a true prophet

of God and whose prophecy cannot be mistaken.

The Gospel of Matthew contradicts itself on the same

page when talking about Peter. While Jesus says of him:

"And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art

thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not

revealed it unto thee ... That thou art Peter ... And I

will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven:

and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be

bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on

earth shall be loosed in heaven." (Matthew 16: \7-\9).

Matthew \6:23 stands in total contrast to all this as it

!P nv Great Love For Jesus Le'l Me To lslAm

"But said Peter,

an unto

that be of God,

Durirrg crucifixiort Matthew 27:44

The rvere crucified with

him. Here the two thieves

arem entioneda sa ctingt ogetherH. owever.L uke 23:39-40

states": And malefactorsr vhich were hanged

hirn, save thyself

him, saying,

art in the same

l rr tlre lattere xatnplet,h e two thievesa re

together, are in opposition to each

T herea ret oo rnarryo therc ontradictionisn the Bible

a lterationsa nd contt'adictiottsa,r e not

Testatttetlbtu t also in the Old

'lcstamentl.F or exal.rtpleir,t 8:26,w e are told:

Trvo Ahaziah when he

contradicts2 Chlonicles2 2:2,

"Forty t'ivo old was Ahaziah

beqan Attotherc ontradictionis found

I Vat i c i rn I : curncni calC ounc i l I l (1962- (15i)r c lmi t t cdto c x i s t cnceo { '

crrors in thc Ol,:1


cstarnent. "Nou thc ol'thc I'estament. accoldance nith tlrc statc of mankind bclilre the tilne of salvatiott

establishcd bv Clhrist. rcvcal 1o all tlcn thc ktroulcdgc of God and of

nran ancl thc uavs in rihich Cod..itrst lrlld nlcrcilirl. clcals rvith rnen.

states: But he (Jesus) .urned, and unto Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art offence me: for thou savourest not the things but those that be of men."

During the alleged crucifixion events, says: "The thieves also, which were him, cast the same in his teeth." are mentioned as acting together. However, Luke 23 :40

states: "one of the malefactors which railed on him, saying, If thou be Christ, and us. But the other answering rebuked "Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou condemnation?" In the latter example, the thieves are

not acting together; rather they other. There are too many other contradictions in to record here.

The changes, alterations and contradictions, are found only in the New Testament but Testamentl

. For example, in 2 Kings 26, we "Two and twenty years old was began to reign." This contradicts :2 Chronicles 22:2,

which states: and two years when he began to reign" Another contradiction is I Vatican Ecumenical Council II (1962-65) admitted to the existence of

errors in the Old Testament. "Now the books of the Old Testament, in

accordance \v'ith the state of mankind hefore the time of salvation

established by Christ. reveal to all men the klHmkdge of God and of

man and the ways in which God. just and mercirul. deals with men.

These books. though they also contain some things which arc

incomplete and temporary ....· In l'I'U\'idi'lIlissiIllIlS DeliS on the study

oflloly Scripture issued by Pope Leo XIII on Ig th November 1893, it is

stated... [is true. no douht. that copyists hale made mistakes in the text

of the Bible: ..... And cont'cssion is the master or evidence.

MyG reaLt oveF orJ esusL edM eT ol sl6m! y'

8: months...," 9

"Jehoiachin 23: 27:8, "But frve Sarnuel 21:8, concealthec ontradictionA. ddressingth e issueo f

in the old and new testaments,

18 tells "No hath seen God at any

by I John 4: 12. However,

30 tells story "And Jacob called

name the Peniel: for I have seen God face

my life is Strangely enough,

confirmed by Exodus 33: l I "And the Lord

spoke unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh

And in Exodus 24:9-11, we are told:

"Then went up Moses, and Aaron..... also they saw

God, and did eat and drink."

We also find in John 3: 13 "And no man hath

ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from

heaven. even the Son of rnan rvhich is in heaven." This

My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To Islam 9

in 2 Kings 24:8: "Jehoiachin was eighteen years old

when he began to reign, and he reigned in Jerusalem

three months... ," when compared to 2 Chronicles 36:9

was eight years old when he began to

reign, and he reigned three months and ten days in


2 Samuel 6:23: "Michal the daughter of Saul had

no child unto the day of her death" stands contradictory

to 2 Samuel 21 :8, which reads: the king took the

two sons of Rizpah the daughter of Aiah, whom she

bare unto Saul, Armoni and Mephibosheth; and the

five sons of Michal the daughter of Saul, whom she

brought up for Adriel the son of Barzillai the

Meholathite." In the New Standard American Version of

1973, the name Michal, as in 2 Samuel 21 :8, which

appears in both King James Version and the New World

Translation of Jehovah's Witnesses, was replaced by

Mirab to conceal the contradiction. Addressing the issue of

seeing God as stated both John 1: 18 teJls us: man time." This is also confirmed 1 Genesis 32:30 teJls a different the of place to face, and preserved." this is also II "And unto his friend." 9-11, "And heaven, man which



Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lsldm

contradictsG enesis5 :states:" And Enoch


1 "And when the

heaven by a whirlwind

was taken up to heaven

there are

the Old Testament

are in

The same

great majority of authors and

editorso f the bookso f the were presumedt o be

God's representativebs y people and were also

anonymous"a, ccordingto Frenchv ersion.

Isldm's is of fairness

and unbiasedj udgment. lt Bible as clearly a

book falsehood

Islamic criteria for

distinguishing froni the Qur'dn and

teachingso f ProphetM uhamn-radI.n simple terms,

contentso f in agreementw ith

the Qur'dn and and what is in

disagreemenits rejectedO. ther statelnentisn it are not to

be belibved As fbr the original

scripturest hat revealedt o llis prophets, A braham,

flrm belief in them is

arnong rvhich one cannot be a

~ My Islam

again contradicts Genesis 5:24, which states: "And walked with God: and he was not; for God took as well as 2 Kings 2:1 it came to pass, Lord would take up Elijah into ..." Thus, was it only Christ who or Enoch and Elijah as well? Additionally, numerous conflicting versions of (Hebrew, Greek, Samarian, etc.) whose authors many cases unknown to Biblical authorities. situation applies to "the editors ofthe books ofthe Bible, who presumed to God's representatives by their anonymous", according to the French version.

Islam's position relative to the Bible one and unbiased judgment. It views the book that contains some truth; however, some has tainted its noble origin. The distinguishing truth from falsehood are Qur 'an teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. In whatever contents of the Bible that are agreement with

the Qur 'an and Sunnah are acceptable disagreement is rejected. Other statements in be either believed or discredited. for scriptures that God revealed to His Abraham,

Moses, David, Jesus and others, firm among the pillars of faith without which Muslim.

My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To tslam Q2


The (whose proper AllAh),| Qur'dn,has free from years. T his messagefr om revealedt o

period twentythree

years. lt A s soona s receiveda segmenht e recitedi t it mernorized precise

locationw heree achs egmenst houldb e placedi n In Qur'dn in lifetime. a ssignedZ aidbin Thabitt he responsibilityo f

Qur'an ProphetM uhammadd ied. follor.vingth e orderso f

U thrnanZ, aid laterp repareds evenc opies

diflerent existenceo f Qm"dn originalA rabic tlre rnillions people succeedingg enerationas nd completea greemenot f copiesa nd manuscripts'testiftyo authenticityo f '*.4llah* same* ord Arabrc-speakinCe hristiansa nd usef br is uniquer vorcgl ranrnralicallrs'i.n cei t cannotb e made

plural giren gender (i.e. masculinc ferninine). rvhich consistenwt ith the Islamicc onccpto f t ln book.' 'lhc Lif'co f Mohamed".\ \jilliam N,luirs tatesin rcf-erence

thc Qrrr'rin. "'|here probably no book in u'orld which has

remaincdt rrelvec cnturies(n orvf burtecn)r viths o purca text."

Islam <:ijI

IV. The Authenticity of the Qur'an

final scripture revealed to humankind by God

name is Allah),1 the Qur 'an, has remained

unaltered and human changes for more than

1400 This final message from God was revealed to

Prophet Muhammad during a of almost twentythree

It was revealed in segments of different

lengths. As soon as he received a segment he recited it to

his companions, who wrote down and memorized it. In

addition, the Prophet indicated to his scribes the location where each segment should be placed in the body

of the text. this way, the QUI' 'an its entirety had been

written and memorized by hundreds of Prophet

Muhammad's followers during his Abu Bakr, the

first Caliph, assigned Zaid bin Thabit the responsibility of

compiling the first copy of the Qur 'an in a single text after

Prophet Muhammad died. Then, following the orders of

the third Caliph, Uthman, Zaid later prepared seven copies

which were sent to the different centers of the Islamic


The existence of the QUI' 'an in its original Arabic text,

the existence of millions of who memorized it

verbatim in different parts of the world through the

succeeding generations and the complete agreement of all

its copies and manuscripts2 testify to the authenticity of the

1 "Allah" is the same word that Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews

use for God. It a unique word grammatically, since it cannot be or given a e. masculine or feminine), which is

consistent with Islamic concept of God.

2 In his book, "The Life of Mohamed", William Muir states in reference

to the QUl'lil1. "There is other the world remained twelve centuries (now fourteen) with so pure a



Love Led Me To lslAm

guidance Qur'dn inthe Qur'dn,


o'He Allih, [who messagew, ould "Say, "He [who isl omining verb "say."l

(called hadiths), which

recordeda nd separatein b eing allegedlys aid Qur'dn that this

focusese ntirelyo n onenesso f doesn ot


person who reads Qur'dn promote glorifying Hirn, following His

frorn has forbidden.

Qur'dn referst o Muhammada s messengero f messengerws ho precededh im. Verse

' I-aura Vcccia Vaglicri her "Apologia dell'

Islamismo"," therei s anotherp rool'oft he Divinity of theQ ur'dn: it

lbct bcen preset'vcdin tact through tl.rea ges since the

of its Revelationti ll presendt a1. so it lvill alwaysr emain,

God's rvill, asl ong ast heu niversee xists."

~ My Great For Jesus Islam

last and final revelation sent as to humankind.

The entire Qur'an is the literal Word of God without the

least addition or omission. When God says in the Qur 'an,

"Say, "He is Allah, [who is] One," Prophet Muhammad,

the conveyor of the message, would not have been able to

change a single letter or a word from that divine statement.

He had to say what he was commanded to: "Say, "He is

Allah, [who is] One," without omitting the imperative

verb "say.,,1

Also, the Prophetic narrations are the second source of Islamic legislation and were also

revealed by God, in meaning but not in word, were

recorded and kept separate in the books of Hadith. On the

other hand, the Bible cannot claim such an untarnished

existence, being a mixture of words allegedly said by God,

others ascribed to the prophets while still others spoken by


It is clear to anyone who reads the Qur 'an Book focuses entirely on the oneness of God. It does not

depict the life of Prophet Muhammad or his heroism most people tend to believe. Any the

Qur 'an will clearly see that its aim is to belief

that God is one, alone, Him, commands, and abstaining from what He The Qur 'an refers to Muhammad as a messenger of God,

like all the other messengers who preceded him. I Dr. Laura Veccia Vaglieri states in book Islamismo", "But there is another proof of the the Qur 'an: is the fact that it has been preserved intact the ages sinee time of its Revelation till the present day. And so it will always remain,

by God's will, as long as the universe exists."

My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lslam @

3: 144 reads: is messengerhs ave passedo n beforeh im. was to die or be killed, would you heels [to unbeliefl? And he who will never harm AIIah all; Allah grateful."

The Propheti s alsod escribeda s one who unablet o

benefita nyone,i ncludingh irrrselfl.v itl-routth e permission

of God. Verse 7:188 tells us: "I hold power of] benefit or harm, cxcept Allih willed. And if I knew unscen, much wealth, and no harm lvould have am not except a warner and good to a peoplew ho believe."

In fact, therea re evenv ersesr eproachingth e fbr ceftair-ar ctions.T here is an incidentw herein rnan interrupted him as he rvas calling a group influentialM akkanst o Isldrrra nd pleadedu ,itht he Prophet

to give him sorrer eligiousk nowledgeI.n his eagernestso

guide others. the Plophet fi'orvned and ignored him knerv that the blind Inan was of strong 1aith. and rvould be no harm if he q'aited i.urtil meeting. H orvever,t he Prophetw as reproachedb y in

Ihe Qur'dn (80: 1-ll), rvhere He says: "'The frorvned and turned awav becauset he to him, Iinterrupting]. But rvhat rvould you

perceivc, lO Muhammadl, that perhaps purificd? Or be remindecl ancl thc rentembrance benefit him? As for he who need, to him vou givc attention. you [is

:rny blanrel if he will not bc puriliecl. camc to you striving [for knowledgel My Great Love For Led Me Islam qy

"Muhammad not but a messenger.

[Other] messengers have passed on before him. So if he

turn back on your

[to unbelief)? turns back on his heels

Allah at but will reward the

Prophet is also described as is unable to

benefit anyone, including himself~ without the 188 "Say, "I not for myself

[the of) except what Allah has

the unseen, I could have acquired

would touched me. I

a bringer of tidings

people who believe. "

there are even verses reproaching the Prophet

for celiain actions. There incident wherein a blind

man was of

influential Makkans to Islam and pleaded with the somc religious knowledge. In eagerness to

Prophet frowned for he

knew man faith, that there

would waited until he finished his

However, the Prophet was reproached by God the Qur 'un I-II), wherc "The Prophet

frowned away because the blind man came

[interrupting]. what would make perceive, 10 he might be

purified? I'eminded and the remembrance would

thinks himself without

you give And not upon [is

any blame] be purified. But as for he who

came you [for knowledge] while he fears

I *t Great Love For Jesus Led Me To lsl6m

[Attahl, these

[verses] Qur'dn that

any saying

44-47 read: "And if he

[Muhammad] Us [false]

sayings, right hand;

Then And

there prevent [Usl from

The accused

him of Qur'dn. point, revealed to

them to


'c?nV. erse 17:88r eads:

"Say, o'If jinn gathered in order to

Qur'in, could not produce

the like other assistants."

And verses 52:33-34 "Or say, "He has

made believe. Then let

them if should be

truthful." The challenge was

laterr educedt o chaptersa s clearf rom Verse 1l :13,

which "Or "He invented it"? Say'

'oThen siirahs have been invented

and call [for you can

besides But they failed

in this to a single chapter.

Verses 2:23-24 infonn us: "And if you are in doubt

about what We have sent down upon Our Servant

[Muhammad], then produce a siirah the like thereof

and call upon your witnesses other than AllAh' if you

should be truthful. But if you do not, and you will

~ My love led Islam

[Allah], from him you are distracted. No! Indeed, [verses] are a reminder."

The reader of the Qur 'an will also find verses warn Prophet Muhammad in strong terms and even

threaten him with death if he were to fabricate in the name of God. Verses 69:44-47 "And [Muhammad] had made up about some [false]

sayings, We would have seized him by the Then We would have cut from him the aorta. there is no one of you who could [Us] him."

The Arab pagans at the time of the Prophet him of forging the Qur 'an. At that God him various verses in which He challenged produce a book similar to the Qur'an. Verse 88 reads:

"Say, "If mankind and the produce the like of this Qur'an, they the like of it, even if they were to each And verses 52:33-34 read: "Or do they "He made it up"? Rather, they do not them produce a statement like it, they truthful." But they failed to do so. later reduced to 10 chapters as is clear from 11: which reads: "Or do they say, "He Say,

"Then bring ten surahs like it that and call upon [for assistance] whomever besides Allah, if you should be truthful." failed

in this also. It was finally reduced a single chapter.

Verses 2:23-24 infonn us: "And if you are in about what We have sent down upon Our Servant

[Muhammad], then produce a surah the like thereof

and call upon your witnesses other than Allah, if you

should be truthful. But if you do not, and you will

My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To tst6m Q2

never be able to, and stones,p repared V erse l0:says: "do they say [about ..He

invented it?" Say, "Then and call upon [for besides Allah, if you should accomplish this as well. proves of Islam, although very compose a single chapter Qur'dn.

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