(Q) Non-Muslim: Why does Islam call for believing in the prophets,

messengers, and holy books that they brought as a revelation from

Almighty God?

(A) Muslim: From a mental point of view, the human being with

his external qualities and internal systems is like a machine with its

components, but he is more complex than any machine. Suppose

the machine needs an instruction book from its maker and inventor to

explain how to operate it and the method of its optimal use to avoid

damaging it. In that case, this means that it must be recognized that it has

not only a maker but that this manufacturer - although we do not see it -

controls how this machine operates its conditions, and its use through

the instruction book he set for it.

Therefore, if this is the case for a man-made machine, what about

a human being who is more complex than any machine?

Man needs a book of instructions and guidance controlling

his behavior. It is a reason for organizing and evaluating his way of living

according to the controls set by his Creator and Maker (Almighty God)

because He knows him more than himself. His prophets and Messengers are

chosen to deliver His legislation and teachings to them in these books.

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